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Audio and Lighting Design and Installation

WHB Concert and Production Services Founder Bill Blaine and his partner John Coretto have been advancing audio and lighting design and installation for a combined
of 50 years. That’s quite a bit of knowledge and experience. They know the business well. And they have the overall process neatly packaged into two main phases.

System Design and Integration – Phase 1

WHB Concert and Production Services will work with you to make your vision a reality. We’ll even provide some vision of our own to support whatever you are doing. Our
design services include audio and lighting system design, followed by system implementation. Whether it’s a new venue, church, or school -- or whether it’s an
upgrade of an existing system, we will find the right solution for you. Every recommendation will be thoughtful, honest, and based on what’s best for you, your
application, your needs, and your budget.

Service Support and Training – Phase 2

Not every audio and lighting company spends as much time on this second phase, however. This is where we provide training and support to your staff to ensure that your
system will perform at its very best. We will work with your staff to make certain that staff members are fully comfortable with your newly installed sound and lighting system.
We also service and maintain all of the systems that we install. This will not only maximize performance, but will also give your customers the experience of a lifetime!

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